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  1. I ask the same question.
    It’s because we have standards, and people with standards tend to maintain relationships longer, therefore when the other people with standards snap up the best girls they hold on to them for longer, making their overall availability lower.
    On the plus side, it means when we get them, chances are good we’ll hold on to them for a while.

  2. Why are the ones you’re interested in taken? Because you keep thinking too much about finding someone for yourself. Most of the time, when people try so hard to find the right person, they never do. She’s there, but you just haven’t found her yet. Don’t think about it too much. Sometimes when you’re off guard on finding someone, that person will find you. :)
    On the other hand, you’re only 19, so you have plenty of time. Do you know how many times guys around your age group get themselves into relationships and then don’t realize until way later on, that they wanted to see more, or have more freedom? You’d be surprised as to how huge that number is. You’ve just been given a taste of freedom, and I don’t think you should give it up without a fight.

    1. I’m not really trying very hard – I mean, these are just people who I come across and find myself socializing with.
      And believe me, I’ve been experiencing this “freedom” for a long time. It’s only very recently that I’ve actually tried to put myself out there and find someone. It’s not a life goal, and I’m not planning on necessarily getting into a relationship that will last me years and years.

      1. Excuse me?! You’ve experienced freedom for a long time?! *chuckles* I hate to break this to you, but you still have a looooooong way to go. Did you honestly think that love was going to come your way just like that? Don’t think about it too much. You made it clear that you’re not trying hard to look for love, but you’re obviously thinking about it too much. You know, instead of worrying about something you don’t have, why don’t you worry about the things that you do have. For starters, you’re at UC Santa Cruz where you have a future to look upon, and you have great friends who you can hang out with and talk to about your problems. Care to list any more great things you have right now? I betcha anything it’s a long list. :)

        1. Wahh wahh wahh! You are young ha ha I must be more experienced than you due to my age ha ha!
          Take a look at my LiveJournal – you don’t see me complaining all that much. Here’s a one-sentence entry (in my journal where, of course, I can say what I want, but let’s not get into that), where I express my disappointment at the relationship status of my peers.
          What the hell do you mean by a “long way to go?” Are you saying that you’ve been single for longer than I have, or something? Are we comparing dispositions? I’m not looking for “love,” as a short-term goal. I’m looking for a girlfriend. I’m looking for someone who is a friend with whom I can committ and spend time with. Seriously, it’s not that hard to do. In a college setting, it DOES come easy, for most people.
          Pah, thinking about it too much. I reiterate: I don’t think much about this at all. Oh no, I devoted an ENTIRE LiveJournal entry to this. Look back at my New Year’s resolution. Look back at my goals years before that. I’m pretty grateful for the amount of acheivements I’ve made.
          I seriously doubt you have any idea what you’re talking about when it comes to my situation. It shows by first assuming that I’m slaving away at trying my hardest to pin my life down and reject singularity and devote my entire being to someone else. Not true. In fact, I’m trying to avoid any confrontation like that. I’m simply looking for an intimate friend. One part of my life, not all of it. Do you really think I’m asking too much?

          1. Uh… no. I’ve been 19 before, I’ve been 21 before, and I’ve been 26 before. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I’m just pointing things out here. As for my LJ, yes, there are a lot of complaints, but you know, everyone has problems. I only write about it because I like to show examples of things that could happen to anyone reading my entries. More like, “hey, it didn’t necessarily have to be me. It could happen to you… or could’ve.” I write to bring a point across. Let me put it to you this way. Would you rather read about your friend’s angst, or would you rather listen to them screaming at the top of their lungs? Either way, we all have problems, and there’s no escaping that.
            Actually… yes, I have been single for a long time, but only because I “chose” to be, and no, we’re not comparing dispositions. Why should I? It’s stupid. If you want more details, feel free to e-mail me anytime.
            As for your New Year’s resolution, yes, you have done a lot, which is something you should be proud of — and you are. :) Bottom line, I’m not trying to offend you or put you down. If I did, I would’ve been a lot more direct. As for not understanding what you’re going through, no, I pretty much do. Once you reach my age, it’ll all make a lot of sense.

  3. Because that’s the way it is with everyone, no matter what it seems like, and the fact that life is the biggest bitch ever. At least them being “taken” lets you know that nothing’s gonna happen, as opposed to the friend you start to like and then nothing comes of because of other reasons…I’m not bitter, I swear!

  4. Why is everyone taken? Because it’s collegeā€”a closely knit goup of hormones, pheromones and roommates going to class and leaving people alone to frolick by themselves. 18ish year-old males = PEAKED.

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