Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music has been updated with new genres, all-new “supergenres” and a tutorial! It’s almost as if I didn’t have to even take that Electronic Music history class last quarter!
In other news, I have the new Daft Punk album, “Human After All.” IM me up if you’d like it.


  1. the guide is the love. i just love to listen to the tracks over and over, pssh to those people who think all electronic music sounds alike. well… oh yay. for some reason when i think electronic music class i just think of the weird proto-electronic stuff in the 70’s you were telling me about when you were living with your lemon-loving roomate. does/did the class ocver the cultural impact as well, or was it more of a history/here’s the technology that made so and such possible?
    please deposit the daft punk album in my swiss bank account, with regards to emund henry.

    1. It was mostly the history/technology… in terms of cultural impact, it only really covered the culture that directly impacted the technology. Uh, in other words, the history.
      The class didn’t really cover anything past Aphex Twin’s earliest works, actually. Didn’t delve into new dance genres, distinctions between techno/trance/house/whatever at all.
      Here’s the stuff we had to listen to, though:

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