How the hell does someone cut their finger on a piano key!

That’s got to be the first time anyone’s done that, I swear. At least I now have an excuse to do a shoddy performance at my advisory session later today!

Pirate make fun of me now plz


If someone says something sarcastic or makes a little joke, it’s uncalled for to go out of your way and say “hey, that wasn’t a funny joke, nice try loser, better luck next time.”

Next time? I mean, jeez. It’s called lightening up the mood. You think someone puts 100% effort into everything they say? Not everything out of your mouth / onto your keyboard has to be solid gold. And you don’t have to throw your ego around and say something like “ha ha guys, I didn’t find that joke funny! Don’t you agree! Man, I know my social skills and everyone has to hear about them!”


Post as much GOOD about the French as you can. Look it up, there’s a lot. We want to drown out this “hateful guy“‘s posts, and it’s working, too. Lots of cool stuff about French people on the community already.

So basically, let’s change the community’s name from “Fuck the French!” to “Fuck! The French!” Or maybe, “I want to fuck the French because they’re smokin hot.”

BTW, I seriously doubt crazy_ramblings is actually posting what he really feels. He’s probably just a total troll. But it doesn’t really matter, he’s not funny, and it’s not cool.




Look who’s in stock, and guess which one I ordered from (over a month ago)!

Lik-Sang better haul ass. At least they cost $10 less than Play-Asia. ARRR.

edit: Lik-Sang seems to have received their shipment too. Never mind yayayay!

Well, uh.

Huh. My external drive makes these horrible grinding noises after it’s moved around a bit, and I’m assuming it’s something like a wire caught in a fan somewhere inside there, because the disk still works like a charm, even when it’s making those noises.

But it wouldn’t stop making them yesterday, so I was copying all of my stuff off of it in case of massive hard drive failure, and… finally the fan stopped grinding. Now I feel as if I’ve just wasted a lot of space on my internal drives. :P

I tried contacting the manufacturer to see if my warranty was still valid… I’ll see what they can do…

Today was a horrible day.

My computer crashing while saving one of the most laborious things I’d ever had to go through writing, just pushed me over the edge. I was stomping, shouting, crying, cussing out some drunk dumbasses in the quad… ugh.

And then I started retyping it!

Tomorrow will be a beautiful, beautiful day. In comparison.