Today was a horrible day.

My computer crashing while saving one of the most laborious things I’d ever had to go through writing, just pushed me over the edge. I was stomping, shouting, crying, cussing out some drunk dumbasses in the quad… ugh.

And then I started retyping it!

Tomorrow will be a beautiful, beautiful day. In comparison.

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      1. You mean you have SCII for all three platforms?
        Or you have Soul Edge, Soul Calibur I, and Soul Calibur II? 8D
        Because I have all three, one for PSX, one for DC, and one for PS2.

          1. FFPTfFPTFf what’s the point of that? 8D
            I guess you get Spawn, Link, and Heihachi.
            But noo, I’ve got Lizardman in two different games, Assassin, Hwang, Li-long, Rock… and other characters I can’t remember. 8D
            You should try the original games and see how different Sophitia looks, it’s a-maaaazh-ing.

            1. Okay, to be much more specific, what I meant was that I had Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur 2, lol. But I only do have the PS2 one because I liked the original so much that I just had to have another Playstation version, and I’m pretty happy with it even if I don’t spend the extra cash just to get a miniscule amount of extra characters. -_-;

              1. Oh okay. I was just playing with you anyway.
                It’s nice to know someone who has played Soul Edge! Not too many people even know it exists. Which is sad. Very sad. I’m so not going to buy actual systems just to get the other platforms.
                I have too many versions of SFZ3. o_o;

                  1. D: You like fighting games! HURRAH!
                    GBA SFA3
                    DC SFA3 (The little VMU characters are so cute.)
                    PSX SFA3
                    PSX SFA2
                    PSX SFZ2 (Playstation best)
                    SNES SFA2
                    PSX SFA
                    That’s all my SFZ/SFA series. D:

                    1. As I just finished telling someone else, I’m a gamer. I have all the systems either in my posession or emulated, tons of roms, new and antique, and first person shooters, RPG’s, you name it, I’ll probably have it.
                      I have the GBA one too, but I wish I had the Dreamcast SFA3 because I realled liked the world tour mode when I rented it for PSX. My Dreamcast broke though and the most working emulator for it still kinda sucks. ._.;

                    2. I think my DC is low on battery, so it keeps changing the date. o_O But yes, world Tour mode, along with two DIFFERENT characters in versus team battle mode is GREAT!!!!
                      I’ll never get rid of my Dreamcast!
                      I think I’m considered a gamer too, especially since I just about play everyday. O_o;

                    3. I’m sure it doesn’t bother Jeffrey, since I bother him often.
                      Hell, he’s even in my room right now. Going to try out The Bouncer, see you.

                    4. I just now made that up, Jeffrey and I stress the use of google in case people are lazy and don’t care to look up things first.

                      Sorry, but yeah your AIM name is offline.

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