If someone says something sarcastic or makes a little joke, it’s uncalled for to go out of your way and say “hey, that wasn’t a funny joke, nice try loser, better luck next time.”
Next time? I mean, jeez. It’s called lightening up the mood. You think someone puts 100% effort into everything they say? Not everything out of your mouth / onto your keyboard has to be solid gold. And you don’t have to throw your ego around and say something like “ha ha guys, I didn’t find that joke funny! Don’t you agree! Man, I know my social skills and everyone has to hear about them!”


          1. Actually, just by the very first thing I linked you to, you would’ve seen that she was trying to be funny and she immediately got shot down.
            The point was missed by the two other links I guess.

          2. Ah, okay. I didn’t see the replies, I was just looking at what she was saying. Yeah, it doesn’t look like they really had the authority to tell her to shut up like that. But I think her problem was bumping old threads.

          3. People on Bemanistyle do it so much and hardly anyone gets away with it unless it’s mod sass. I was just surprised more than anything else with those last two threads. Even more the reason for me to just stay away from it altogether.

    -Napster ad
    On a more serious note, I have found that it helps NOT to try too hard. Huge efforts at humor tend to end up being less genuine and more desperate than anything else. Plus you feel worse if it sucks.

  2. I think you do that to people more than you notice jeff.
    maybe I’m wrong.
    that aside, someone stupidly pointing out your joke wasn’t funny did something equally, if not more stupid than the original joke. not only that, it genuinly makes that person an ass.

    I know this guy who always, ALWAYS comes with a really, really, really stupid remark/joke at about everything someone says. It’s NEVER funny. He doesn’t even try to be funny, or original, he just throws off the first thing he can think of, if it’s not just an existing joke everyone has heard 10000 times since they were born.
    I would like to reserve my right to inform this guy that he isn’t funny. I just wish he would actually note what I say and realise that he is in fact not funny, and should just keep his mouth shut until he can come up with something which actually DOES lighten up the mood!

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