Okay so I beat all the new songs on IIDX 8th style and there’s Lilith in her bikini and she’s like HELLO JEFFREY HERE ARE YOUR HIDDEN IIDX RED SONGS so I pop in spiral galaxy, the new ***FLASHING 7!!!*** and I fucking BEAT IT ON MY FIRST TRY. Uhh ok D.J. Setup where did your powers of making things freaky difficult go?

edit: But Don’t be afraid myself ISN’T A FLASHING 7?????????????? AAAAAWTF


I got an A in Music, B in Music Labs, and a B in History of Electronic Music. Best case scenario as of yet! Now, unless I seriously fucked up some shit in Economics, I’m definitely off the hook for paying for this quarter. GPA for this quarter, not counting my Economics class which hasn’t been graded yet, is 3.2. Yoy!


My dad was telling me that I should be more compassionate and then my mom told me the same thing today and a few of my friends told me that a while ago so if I’m acting like an ass and that pisses you off please tell me.

Also, all livejournal users are retards.

Okay, show of e-hands: who here wants to move to Japan?

Out of those: who EDIT: HASN’T been to Japan before?

And finally, out of those people who still have their e-hands raised: how many of you are willing to admit you’re FUCKING INSANE?

And “insane” in a bad way, not the “i have a website called ‘the insanity’ does that count xD <3" way.

edit: I love you guys.


There’s a serious lack of drama in my life right now, and it sucks. Everyone else is off getting their hearts broken or having a lot of sex, and I’m here just playing a lot of IIDX and going into the office and getting a lot of money! :\

Anyway I done gone had a Hanukkah party at my mom’s today, which was really nice. I got my mom a present – a book with guides on common techniques in Flash – and my mom got me these teeth-cleaning pads you put on your finger and then you just rub your finger all over your mouth! :O

And I made latkes, like I do every year. We always just get the potato pancake mix, which is just like, eggs, water and starch, and that’s pretty good, but we had guests over and they brought potatoes and onions and everything, so I made both. I think people actually preferred the hokey mix we always buy. :P On a side note, I’m really good at pan-frying and totally anal about getting everything nice and brown.

Actually I said that today and everyone was like “you make things anally brown?” and I was like “yes.”

Before we had guests over, I moved computers all over the house, as per usual, but to get the internet hooked up into rooms in which computers hadn’t been for a while, I actually had to go into the attic and remove some wires that were crossing the entire house and hook ’em up elsewhere… and my mom’s attic isn’t the kind in which you’d actually put anything, let alone BREATHE, because it’s full of fiberglass insulation and there are the sharp ends of nails protruding from the ceiling everywhere. Just getting into the attic and getting a wire un-stuck was pretty hellish work. But fun nonetheless!

Oh boy it’s a Sunday and I have work tomorrow and I have to get a suit on and commute and everything. I’m all growed up. I’ll go play some more IIDX anyway.

I played IIDX RED and in the groove at SVGL today! FINALLY! Time to cross “play beatmania IIDX in the arcade” off the to-do list…

So uh I’m home and everything, what is everyone doing this weekend.
Or tonight. Tonight’s boring.