One good thing to know is that we’ve still killed more of those damn Iraqis than that earthquake killed of those damn Asians. We’re still #1! Take that, Mother Nature!


(Also: any way to contribute to the relief effort?)

Oh right

Yeah I remembered –

I just saw this teen movie, Mean Girls. Totally cliché. Predictable. In fact, it was probably the most cliché things I’d ever seen. But a few cool things about it:

1) The main character (Lindsay Lohan)’s name was CADY HERON. Wow. Yeah. And they made jokes about how her name was spelled and pronounced and stuff.

2) The movie ended with Orbital – Halcyon & On & On. ;D

3) The dyke character and the fag character basically FELL IN LOVE at the end. Anyone remember my movie idea, titled “The Way Things Should Be,” about the gay couple moving in with the lesbian couple and eventually turning into two heterosexual couples? HAHA DAMN!

Birthday party times 'n' stuff

Sorry for those who aren’t coming to my party and because I’m posting about it a lot. Just so turns out that everyone who is going has a livejournal, so it’s convenient. Hope those who aren’t coming have funs anyway.

About times for things – a lot can still be subject to change, since there’s still 5 days until this happening, but here’s something pretty basic:

1: I leave the house and pick up people from outside of Marin. Might leave a little later than that… dunno.
3: Everyone starts arriving at my dad’s house (ask for directions, etc.), Beau’s band performs (depending on weather and other factors, either outdoors or indoors… no idea :P)
4:30: We head out for Max’s… probably taking 3 cars. I’ll drive, some other people can drive if they want.
5: Time I reserved for Max’s.
7: Leaving Max’s, returning home, one of those things probably happens around then.
7-12: Dunno. Partying. I’m not good at this sort of stuff. I have a movie planned (Interstella 5555 – we didn’t get to watch that last time :D), but we can probably get another movie or I dunno, do something else.
12: ??????? Any ideas?
12+: More of I don’t know. People can sleep. The house will be mostly empty. Yes, this is a sleepover thing, I don’t really expect anyone to leave the night of New Year’s. That’s suicide anyway.

Sound good? Any other suggestions? I’m totally open. Anyone else who still wants to come but hasn’t RSVP’d is welcome to, too.

Birth birth birth being born

Note to self: try this when I get back to school…


Happy birthday, you sly dog! Saku made me this and it was an amazingly pleasant surprise. I am still being pleased now. Skies of Arcadia is the best RPG on the Dreamcast that I ever played in Saku’s room… and more!!!

I’m going somewhere with my mom for my birthday. Perhaps some gallery on 4th street or going to a movie or something. It’ll be nice. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day changing “18” to “19” on all of my online bios everywhere. :P :P

But for more seriouses, I need to talk about party stuff. First of all, I’ll be increasing the reservation at Max’s from 8 to 11. This list shows status of who will/might be coming. Thanks a lot guys, it’ll be great having all y’all over.

A few things I need to take care of:
– first, just FYI, I’m going to be paying for Max’s for everyone – and while that’s totally fine by me, perhaps the following movie (whatever that might be) could use some extra snacks provided by all. You know, chips, cookies, drinks, whatever. And by “whatever,” I mean “whatever.” You can bring whatever you want, yes, everything is okay. It’s fine with me and it’s fine with my parents. In fact, for those who are coming, could you please comment to tell me what you might bring, if anything? You’re not required to but it’d be great if you could.
– beau, about your band playing – I definitely want to make time for you guys to set up, play a good amount… I’m thinking early afternoon, like some time around 3ish, when people are arriving. Talk to me about details – I’m psyched that you guys want to play – I just need some specifics about a few things.
– Saku, Paolo, Richie, I’m going to be driving around the bay around noon picking all y’all up. I’ll probably make a loop around the bay, clockwise – Richie, you live in San Francisco, right?

That’s about it. Woo the rest of this vacation will be fun. :D


It turns out that everyone got a whole lot more Christmas presents than I did – mostly because I didn’t ask for anything – so here’s my birthday wish list!!!!!!! Now I am asking for things and I don’t feel at all bad about it!!!

Uh… I think this will be added to as time goes by.

– Money for video games. I don’t believe Jak 3, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XII, beatmania IIDX 9th style, or any other totally fun-pak’d games are out so if you just want to get me some certs or something that’d be cool. ;)
– iPod accessories. Voice recorder, speakers, iTrip, I dunno.
– Some cool shirts. Trendy shirts, clever shirts, whatev. As for trendy, overshirts (button-down, some kind of jacket, whatever) are nice.
– Posters, other things that might look cool in a dorm room.
– Other things to make me look good. I might actually be looking for a girlfriend some time next year, so you know
– And uh… I have no idea. I’ll be adding on once I think of some more material possessions I could most definitely live without but it would be pleasantly surprising if you could give me anyway. :)

Man, I really should have thought about all this before Christmas. It’s all pretty expensive-sounding. It’s probably because I’ve already got so much money this year from my job and from my good grades that I didn’t really feel like asking other people to buy these things for me… but ’tis the season!

Chris Mass

Hey dudes so last night, as a select few were fortunate enough to discover, the Amazing Marin Christmas Fairies trekked around town and gave us stuff. :D Simeon, Felix, Jeff, STEVE, and -some other guy!- are totally awesome for donning Santa hats and decking their car out in Christmas lights and drivin’ around town and giving us stuff. They got me MILK CHOCOLATE INGOTS. So wow that was pretty awesome of you guys. ;D

For Chris’ Mass I got some fancy shirts (some of my own, not hand-me-downs like usual :P), and some Acqua di Giò, like I asked for. :D Now I’ll smell all Acqua di Giò-ey for the ladayz.

Next big things: hangin’ with Mom on my birthday (tomorrow), and increasing the reservation at Max’s from 8 people to 10. Even more details about party plans later, Lily’s bugging me to get off the computer so she can post about her new iPoo.



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Also, I’m a stupid cockass for actually believing this.

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Birthday Update

All right, this is mostly a note to myself:

Beau’s band

…not sure if anyone else is planning on coming over for my birthday party. If you want to come, you can come. You’re invited, I want people to come. Once again, it’s on the 31st, and we’ll probably be celebrating the new year one way or another. Just comment or email me.

Also, I had some food at the Cheesecake Factory at the Village last night and it was rllly good. Although I already made reservations at Max’s, I’m thinking of moving it over there since well yeah it’s tasty and has big portions and is economically feasible.