One good thing to know is that we’ve still killed more of those damn Iraqis than that earthquake killed of those damn Asians. We’re still #1! Take that, Mother Nature!


(Also: any way to contribute to the relief effort?)

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  1. And I was about to give you a pat on the back for perfecting the internet humor we goons find so amusing but then I saw the subtext.
    I hope the Marines kill you.
    And maybe your mom.
    And maybe I’m tired.

    1. Sorry, it had to be done. I’m more LiveJournal than I am SomethingAwful so not adding something as blatantly obvious as that can get me washed away by giant drama tsunamis. Ha, topical!

  2. Hi.
    I like your journal.
    And I added you to my friends list.
    And maybe it would be cool if you added me back.
    –a girl in michigan named chrissy.
    ps. your head really doesn’t look that big at all.

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