More news for those going to my birthday party: each attendant gets a jewel-encrusted Mercedes!
Also, I need to know a few things about driving, like who’s doing what, who can do carpools, etc. Once again, keep in mind that this is a sleep-over, and not only that, but a suggested sleep-over since trying to find your way home early in the morning on January 1st is pretty dumb.
First of all, I believe I will need 3 other people besides myself to drive to Max’s, because there are 15 people who plan on coming. It could be 2, but I’d like 3 just to be safe. Anyone up for doing that? It’d be a great help, just comment.
A few other notes… along with a suggested donation of snaxxx, bring stuff like sleeping bags or other linens. I’ve got a few other mattresses and empty beds in the house, but I don’t think there’s enough for everyone, depending on who stays the night. Bring pillows, too. And toothpaste, and your stuffed animals, and a night light.
Oh, and other entertainment. Although I do have just ONE movie prepared, people can bring other media – I’ve got a PS2, people will probably be playing some beatmania, but you know. You can bring movies, other PS2 games, whatever.
Yet again, I ask: any other ideas? Seems that we’ll either be watching stuff on TV around 12, or seeing if there are any fireworks to be seen… my house has sort of an overlook of the bay.
For those who don’t know my address or need directions, comment and I’ll email them to you. Also Richie and Paolo (even though I’ve been by your house a few times already), I need your addresses.
Yup, all for now.


    Maybe I’ll bring some games over. I got Capcom Fighting Jam with me.
    My mom might let me borrow her car, so I might be able to drive… but I can’t stay over. I don’t mind driving back home early in the morning.
    Aaannd I’m not coming with a physical gift or food since I’m broke. ;_;
    I’ll bring a sketchbook in case I’m bored.
    Please e-mail me your address.

    1. O wows. If you ARE driving, then… you might want to talk to Paolo () about carpooling… he lives in Oakland. Might be able to meet you at a BART station, or something. My parents are slightly concerned about me driving down the east bay in rainy weather, so yeah.
      Bring whatever you want, you’re sure to find people who like fighting games at my party. 😀
      And yet again, if you can’t drive, I’m still willing to drive down and pick you all up, it’s no problem at all, I’ve been planning to anyway.

      1. If I am driving, I’ll offer a ride to Paolo. Just keep in mind, I’m probably going to be driving home 3AM-4AM-5AM… and he’ll need a ride home from you.
        I’ll let you know if plans change and I can’t drive. If Paolo wants a ride from me, he can get one– doesn’t San Rafael have a BART station? Or am I mistaken?

        1. I can drive him home in the morning, so if he’s going to stay, I can take care of that.
          And nah, no BART in Marin. It’s because we’re rich snobs. If anyone were to take the BART, they’d need to stop in Richmond and be driven over the bridge.

          1. I’m sure BART will be extended to Marin someday. BART wants to connect the whole Bay Area. They are going to build one in Warm Springs, right where I’m living.
            Anyway, Asami is coming with me to the party, just in case I’m a little uncomfortable with meeting new people. (and driving alone on the way back) 😀 That is all right with you?
            She might have to leave a little after New Year’s passes (after 12AM)… so I’ll take her back. But I’m sure the whole day at your party would be mucho fun enough 😀

          2. Sure, that’s fine! One or two people probably aren’t going to make it to my party, so Asami’s free to come. Maybe she could help bring some snacks or something. 😛 I dunno, it doesn’t matter.

        2. hi there, this is paolo, so yeah i’m following up. uh, i live in oakland, 2 minutes away from the fruitvale BART station (if that helps any). i appceriate the offer, i’m sure i’ll get in contact with you before the day of to confirm things out. coolioz.

          1. according to the bart time-tables if all goes well, i can get there at 11:46am. but i’m just saying. worse case scenario i’d be 6 minutes late.
            but okay, looks like we’re set. what should i be looking for? (car, etc)

          2. Silver gold Champagne colored Honda Accord 98′, and an Asian girl with glasses at the wheel.
            Fremont BART has two sides. If you exit the toward the left of the station, it’ll be where the buses and additional parking are. If you exit to the right of the station, it’ll be all parking. Please exit to the left of the station.
            If you’ll get here around 11:46, I’ll try and get there earlier. It won’t be a problem for me. If you want my cell phone just in case, I’ll e-mail it to you… just say so.
            By the way, my name is Sakura. Nice to meet you.

          3. saucesome. i’ll be on the lookout for it. leftside it is, i always get confused at the fremont bart station in terms of exitting. okay, bus side it is. and sure, please e-mail me your cell so i can call. my e-mail is:
            i’ll e-mail mine as well.
            great, paolo, pleased to meet you as well, can’t wait to meet you!

        cause everyone wants to see black people beat each other up.
        and how would you feel to the first season of arrested development and/or the first season of ali g?

        1. Bring whatever you want. I haven’t seen/played any of that, it’d be cool. I’m sure it’ll come down to people sorta voting on what they wanna do next… I wish there was more than one TV that had hookups to all of my media, though.

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