Post as much GOOD about the French as you can. Look it up, there’s a lot. We want to drown out this “hateful guy“‘s posts, and it’s working, too. Lots of cool stuff about French people on the community already.

So basically, let’s change the community’s name from “Fuck the French!” to “Fuck! The French!” Or maybe, “I want to fuck the French because they’re smokin hot.”

BTW, I seriously doubt crazy_ramblings is actually posting what he really feels. He’s probably just a total troll. But it doesn’t really matter, he’s not funny, and it’s not cool.

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    1. Whatever you do in that community (and everywhere, for that matter), please don’t try to take everything they say seriously. They might just end up laughing at you tying yourself in knots over some issues about which they might not care.

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