1. My word. Nice.
    I’m trying so hard to play this game, but the keys are too close together, It’s nearly impossible… I just don’t have the coordination.
    And FRAPS is great. I record FFXI videos from time to time.

    1. For 5-key, my hand positioning is like this, with hands numbered from thumb (1) to pinky (5)
      Shift – L5, L4
      Z – L3
      S – L2
      X – R2
      D – R3
      C – R4
      for 7-key:
      Shift – L5
      Z – L4
      S – L3
      X – L2
      D, C – R2
      F – R3
      V – R4
      I bet you can get the idea. It’s not perfect and still feels pretty cramped, but you get used to it after a while.
      In other news, I ordered a Konami beatmania IIDX controller from Lik-Sang today. 😀

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