Baseball sucks and you shouldn’t watch it because you know you hated it too until something stupid started happening and everyone was like oh wah wah look at the socks they’re winning a game.


  1. Red sox won. See, this is a big deal because they havent won the World Series in 81 years, ever since they traded Babe Ruth. Its not important in the grand scheam of things, but then again neither is beatmania.

    1. Lolololol, I like the nonsensical comparison aimed to make me feel bad.
      Lots of things have happened recently that haven’t happened in 81 years. Like, some fly just landed on my window, and flew away. It might have been the first time that a fly EVER landed on that spot on my window, and I care just as much!

  2. Actually, I’ve always loved baseball. I played softball for 3 years, but I only really care when the Giants are doing well or when something like this happens.
    Also, Colin got it wrong, it’s 86 years, not 81.

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