Hey hey what's this trance crap

I made this with the thought that starting on a completely unoriginal basis would lead to new ingenuity. It sorta worked. It’s a generic trance song, yet I like how it sounds, and I don’t know… it’s got some personal touches and it’s fun to listen to. Sounds professional to a degree, which definitely makes me lose respect for veteran trance artists. This stuff is child’s play; shame on you!


  1. Good stuff. I think it’s good that you’re starting with clecheness. Trance is really really fun to make. Sounds professional. Try GOA trance? It doesn’t actually exist, but it has more interesting melodic patterns.

        1. Oh, okay. I thought it was a graph of the entire song’s length, and I was wondering how that would really fit. But that’s just showing how much of different frequencies are being played on the exact point where your progress meter is.

  2. Having just listened to a good 10 songs worth of trance earlier today, I noticed lots of little differences, the biggest one being that trance usually focuses on the vocalist(I know, I know…)
    Even given just the instrumentals(and ignoring that you can’t get the synths and samples the pros do), it’s a bit too minimal. From the get-go most tracks usually have at least two lines and precussion going at once…and later on something extra is always in the background, and they tend to play with filters throughout the song.
    But then, I still suck at composing anything myself, even after years of trying. Maybe I’m just being hard on myself, but do either “simplistic” or “random” no matter what style I try. It’s good work you did 🙂

    1. Thanks for the review. This song does have only four melodic lines – the piano, the rave lead, the acid, and the bass. So mixing and matching them can only lead up to so many combinations. I’ve felt that a lot of my stuff has been muddy in the past (see: Psychotic), so instead of equalizing stuff to lay it out, I just resort to simplifying it instead.
      I’m actually going to try my hand at turning this song into a playable keysounded BMS file, though. That’ll just add some novelty to it.

  3. This stuff is child’s play
    you’re right, this is too easy. i wanna hear you *really* rock. your genmidi compositions had much more depth, try applying your new high production standards to the heftier compositional technique, the world will be your oyster.

  4. It’s not bad.
    At the same time, though, it’s not really professional sounding at all. I guess that’s my “your own harshest critic” kicking in, though, because that’s what I almost always think of my own music.
    I agree that it doesn’t really sound like trance either. The piano adds a “I want to be trance” feel to it, but it still ends up sounding a lot more “generic dance music.” And yes… a lot like early 90s video game music as well.
    However, I do really like the beginning. It needs some more to round out the sound, especially at 0:25 when everything stops. I really like the style you have going there, though I don’t really like where you end up taking it later.
    So, here comes the really harsh stuff. 😛
    Synths need some definite work. They both sound too… like I said before, early 90s video-gamey. You need something that sounds more modern and high-quality.
    Percussion samples, same goes for those too. The hi-hat is kind of dull and clicky, the clap is too crackly. I like the snare you use for the drumrolls much better. Kick is too subdued too.
    There’s a couple of times when I don’t understand what you’re doing with the synths, too. Sometimes, you just hit chords that, though they feel right as chords, they feel out-of-place in terms of the progression of the song.
    However, despite all that, I still say it’s not bad. I just say it doesn’t sound profressional either. Keep at it, you’ve got potential, you just need practice.

    1. Clarification
      And, uh… this is Rancid Fish, I just don’t have a livejournal account, so I have to post anonymously. It looked like it would let me put in a name, but then it said I couldn’t, and… yeah.

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