I guess it’s been a good few weeks since I’ve made a nice, juicy, meaty, bloody, undercooked post so I guess I will. Not a lot’s happened. Less than usual, even. I guess that’s what I’ll talk about.
I truly look forward to this summer. School isn’t overly stressful or difficult at all – in fact, I somewhat enjoy my three classes (writing, music, Asian art history) – but I want a good excuse to get out of my dorm room and do more stuff. Socially and physically, this year’s been hard on me.
Yeah, I still do enjoy FFXI a lot. The game doesn’t get any less fun since as I become stronger, more opportunities open up to me. But to try to maintain some balance, I’ve attempted composing some music or drawing some comic stuff, but to no avail. It’s just not coming out. No matter how much I enjoy FFXI, there are often times that I wish this phase would end, simply because I’m at a creative loss. I’m sure all my friends back at home will interpret this as “look, Jeffrey really wants to stop playing FFXI because it’s sapping his creativity,” but no, you’re wrong. All I’m saying is that I’ve noticed how little I’ve accomplished over this past quarter simply because I’ve been playing FFXI. That’s all.
Ugh. Anyway, I’ve been sick this last week, and it hasn’t really made me feel any better about my overall situation. I’ve gone through headaches, never-ending snot rivers, eye-aches, insomnia, sore throats, the works. A few of my friends here have helped me out with NyQuil and stuff. Good times.
Another thing I feel sorta crappy about is, yeah, Fanime. It’s started today, and like I decided a few months ago, I’m not going. It’s mostly because Fred Gallagher will be there, and the surrounding fandom will probably be too much to bear. There are Megatokyo fans here at Porter college, and they’re SCARY. I also don’t want to go since I have finals soon and it’s hard to find a ride up to the bay area… but both of those things aren’t really too important. Ron is going, anyway.
But after all this nay-saying and being stupid about Fanime, I all of a sudden want to go, since everyone at home has finally decided to jump the bandwagon and hang out there. But I’ll be stuck here. Damn UCSC for not already being out… for serious. Oh well, I can get more progress in FFXI. 😛
Hmm… what else is going on. I’m becoming increasingly more angry, vocal, and emotional about the happenings overseas in Iraq. There’s pending draft legislation, there is humiliation and torture being caused by U.S. troops (call me a simpleton for not expecting this sort of behavior), Israel continues to bomb the living hell out of Palestine for no good reason, etc. etc. etc. I’m just so glad I can vote. I say that if you don’t vote while eligible, you shouldn’t really be entitled to an opinion. Sure, like boycotting the electoral system is going to do anyone any good.
Oh yeah, getting back to summer plans. I still don’t know if I have an internship at Sun Microsystems or not. After they laid off a giant chunk of their work force, my interview was all but called off… and then ever since then, there have been more and more rays of hope as to whether I’d get a position over the summer. The start of my supposed internship is only a few weeks away, and I still don’t know. I have no idea what I will do this summer if I don’t get this job. I seriously need a job. I have no money at all.
The last full week of classes is over and I hope to go with my Porter friend Jeff to a comedy show at Kresge later tonight. I hope I have enough money in my wallet to go. Maybe I’ll borrow some… I don’t know.
I think that’s enough despair-drenched dronings for one day.


    1. How do you know sex with women doesn’t help creativity if you’ve never tried it? Huh? Huh?
      Let’s just broaden that to “sex, period” shall we? 😛

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