If you’re “xstraightxedgex,” I really hate you a lot.
If you don’t do drugs because you’ve made a conscious decision not to, I salute you.


  1. 1. What happened to teh “Hot Fists!” post?
    2. What did Mr. Edge do?
    3. Go “not doing drugs.” It’s the awesomeness.

    1. The “HOT FISTS!” post was a test. keeps getting IMs and comments from an old acquaintance of ours about how he should use “HOT FISTS!” in his blog… I think it’s a long story, but I don’t understand it myself. I decided I’d use it myself and then delete it a bit later after finding out whether this guy reads my journal or not. I guess he doesn’t.
      Eh. Whatever.
      And “xstraightxedgex” isn’t a person, it’s a lifestyle… or something. I can’t think straight; I’m in a crappy mood.

  2. “Straight Edge” is just a title given to the people who nobly decide to go against today’s fucked up grain and speak out against drug use. It’s merely a road to easy-ally-access. I don’t really see what’s so wrong with that. Unless you’re a poser. Then you should be beaten with sticks.

    1. Clearly you’ve never been exposed to XSTRAIGHTXEDGEX fuckin’ core-ass punk rockers who spend so much time being so goddamn edge they can’t get a job or maintain a social life, and guzzle EDGEXCORE brand coffee and smoke COREXEDGE brand cigarettes and actively kick people’s asses because they’re really insecure about the amount of drugs they’re not using…
      It’s a fine line between having allies and surrounding yourself with people who share your neuroses so you never feel like you have to work past them.

  3. I’m fine with people that cling to the straightedge title just to be part of a group or whatever. If you’re gonna be a sheep you might as well graze in a safe, wholesome, and productive field. Do sheep graze? Dunno what sheep do actually.

    1. You’re dumb.
      Plus, being straight-edge these days is extremely hard. Usually, if you’re not being a fucking poser, it just means that you have enough of a brain to think for yourself.

    1. the xohmigodxwexarexsoxstraightxedgex clique at school keeps trying to tell me i’m one of them >( but i prefer to not do drugs my own way… so i think i agree with you ^_^

      1. yeah, for me its more of just a convenient label.
        My friend doredy started a community for the non-straightedge straighedge kids
        right now the community just sits there and does nothing, but whatever…

  4. i know a clique in my school…the so-called “straight-edge” kids…that beat the crap out of drug-users…and that’s ALL they do with their time…i’m drug-free on my own free will…and salute back to those of you who are also!
    i like you…you’re added.

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