I never used to have allergies. In fact, my entire immune system – in fact, my entire bodily system – has been graced with the best luck. I’ve really never experienced any common “irregularity,” like cavities, broken bones, ADD-type mental disorders, or any real sort of disease besides the common cold… but finally someone up there decided to give me an actual taste of everyday life and gave me allergies a few years ago.
So no matter where I am – which means, my room most of the time – I get mad sniffles, yo. The past week has been slightly uncomfortable. My parents are sending me some prescription medicine… that was left over from last year.
But these past few nights have been slightly less than bearable. It’s a hot day, I get into bed, I seem to fall asleep for about an hour, and then I start having really weird lucid dreams… and of course, they’ve all been about FFXI so far. Like, I’m in some area of the game and everyone’s chatting to me and I see all these people running around and a whole bunch of other FFXI-related stuff is going on really rapidly, and then I keep waking up. The fact that I have a runny nose gets incorporated into these dreams, and so much stuff is running through my head that after an hour or two of nonstop bombardment of FFXI-related thoughts, I get up (this is about 4:00 in the morning), get my robe on, go take a shower, clear out my sinuses, and get back into bed… and in another half an hour or so, I’m asleep.
Yeah. It’s almost to the point of delirium. I get into bed and my mind starts racing, and it doesn’t stop for hours. Could this be from playing FFXI? I doubt it. I think it’s allergies. But so far all I’m dreaming about is FFXI, but I think it’s just because I’m playing it so much. I’d probably be dreaming about something else if I wasn’t playing, like Ian Jones-Quartey’s mom or something because he called me a nerd. 🙁
But seriously folks, I just can’t wait until that allergy medicine arrives so I can get some real sleep…


  1. try running around in circles
    well, okay, not running around in circles. but running, and physical excersize tends to help a little. it makes you physically exhausted and helps you fall asleep easier. and lucid dreams about a game? is this you actually in the game, or you playing the game. playing the game would make sense, but lucid dreams about being in the game? anyways, yeah, I get really bad allergies to the point where my nose bleeds and can’t breath too well. I had bronchitis a good eight or nine years ago because of it. allergies are no fun
    PS maybe I still don’t understand what a lucid dream is =/

    1. Re: try running around in circles
      Lucid meaning I know I’m dreaming. So I constantly wake up. But I’m on the verge of sleeping and being awake so all these different elements keep popping into my head.
      Physically exhausting myself does sound like a good idea. Might take my mind off of the runny nose. 😛

    1. god andy… your supposed to JUMP him, throw him into a bag, tie him to a chair, and THEN tell him its an intervention…
      obviously your parents arn’t addicted to coke…
      lmao jk.

  2. i heard showering before you go to bed helps. so the pollen that collected on your head during the day doesn’t return to your face everytime you put your head to the pillow. perhaps that’s why your allergies bug you even when inside.

  3. When you wake up, play some FFXI. That way, you…um…get rid of all the FFXI thoughts? Or at least you get to work on your char. XP

  4. Step one: STOP playing FFXI (read: don’t play it)
    Step two: Shaving helps if you’re all up in the allergons. Them pollinates like to be gettin’ in the stubbs.
    Step three:
    That was RETARDED. See me. F

  5. hey! i’m hopefully goin to ucsc next year! wanted to know bout life there… and just to let you know i just developed allergies like a year ago to the spring and to cats… it’s actually really random!

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