Mind dump! No coherency here.
I just watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Movie for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. It was shown out in the lower quad at Porter College, which is simply a big square of grass, with the video being projected on the side of a classroom building. We moved couches from the Fireside Lounge out to watch in style under teh starz. Its total cheesiness, 80’s soundtrack, and calls back to ANCIENT JAPAN LIKE 10 YEARS AGO were so awesome and it was great and I liked it.
There’s not too much to blog about since all I’m doing is FFXI. It’s a really big part of my life now. Seriously, this isn’t a bad thing! I’m still hanging out with my friends at every meal and meals take like an hour so that’s still plenty hangings-out and FFXI is becoming more fun, and fun’s what matters, and what’s more, I’m scheduling my time well. I know when I can’t start a party on FFXI because I don’t have enough time, so I do something like cooking or selling stuff on the auction house, etc. The fact that I’m alotting time for in-game activities gives me the ability to schedule time for homework and studying as well. It’s actually helping my schoolwork. I know I’m obsessed, you don’t have to rub it in, but seriously, I’m enjoying myself.
I’ve had some pretty interesting run-ins with different personalities in the game. First of all, there are two people I’ve met who are like, the white supremacist type – you mention something like “gay” or whatever and then they go off on how homosexuality is a disease and they feel sorry for me knowing those kinds of people. After a while they shut up and we can go back to playing the game, but still, it’s pretty scary knowing that there are those kinds of people in your “vicinity” when you’re playing. I guess one thing that makes this community unique is that your beliefs don’t totally affect who you are and with whom you do things.
Besides, I was doing a PvP match once and I got to set this one homo-hatin’ guy on fire and watch him die.
There are also people that I constantly run into and happen to share a lot in common with. There’s this one girl who I often run into, and whenever we see each other, we stop and ask how each other is doing. Just today I was on my mule (named Sagus – because Greg Dean’s Sagus is on another server) and she /telled me wondering if I was a mule or not, and she freaked out when she found out it was me. It was really awesome. It got us talking about our interests and beliefs and stuff. Even with such a feel of anonymity in the community where all you have is a character name, it’s so cool that you can meet people like this.
BTW, read these two essays I wrote about FFXI for my writing class. Yeah, my writing class is about communities, and I can actually write about FFXI for a grade. It’s awesome. I posted these on the FFXI community on LiveJournal. The first is eh, the second is pretty good, I’ve rewritten the first one, and I’m in the process of writing a third.
Essay #1
Essay #2
Feel free to leave comments about them.
Also, some funny screenshots:
I mentioned an internship position I landed at Sun over the summer, but I’m going to back that down to a “possible” position. Sun laid off 9% of their workforce and all future internship plans were cancelled, and that had me pretty bummed, but now things might be changing for the better. My dad tells me I have over a 50% of getting the position of the summer, and just that makes me happy.
I probably have a lot more to write about, but my attention span is gone. I want to play some FFXI… and listen to music by Porter students. There’s an iTunes shared library just for that! Yeah bye.


  1. TMNT 1! I always loved loved loved that opening scene in the mall. It got stupid by the third one where they go to Japan and do what-willys, but…eh, the fighting always amused me. Someone over here has a whole tape collection of the old TV episodes, too, and we have yet to go through them all.

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