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I had quite the exchange on deviantART the other day. A new organization had popped up – the American National Socialist Union. Yes, the American neo-Nazi movement had started their own dA community, and needless to say, they began to get flames immediately.
There was the usual accusation of “LOl RACISTS!% I HATE YUO DIE???” and while, for once, I accepted and supported such claims, I decided to approach them with a different… approach.
I read their policies and was pretty surprised by the remark that they accept all races, only that they don’t want intermixing of “species.” Japanese, African, Middle Eastern people can make their own Nazi group, it seems. The only things they claim they openly discriminate against are Judaism and Christianity.
Now I dislike Nazis as much as the next guy and I would never want to be on cordial terms with such an organization, but their policies did bring up an interesting question: would Jews, having been clearly designated by Hitler as the “inferior race,” be able to join the National Socialist party, given that they do not practice or believe in their ancestral religion?
And I was given the response that, yes, people with Jewish blood and ancestry can be admitted into the NAZI PARTY. That’s definitely an interesting policy change from what they had back in the 40’s, eh?
The original exchange is as follows:

JeffreyAtW said the following:
This is a hypothetical question, since my beliefs are different than those of your own, but it might spark some interesting thought –
What if those born into a Jewish family decided to reject or simply not practice their religion? Although they have Jewish blood and heritage, would they be allowed into the ANSU on the basis that they believe that races should not intermix? Additionally, would these formerly-religious Jews have to intermix with their own kind even if they were accepted into the ANSU?
I’m simply curious about the criteria and policies about the organization.
hopelessfangirl replied:
Thank you for inquiring ^_^ There has been some talk regarding that issue, and here’s our answer: Being a national socialist has nothing to do with a person’s race. Anyone who believes in national socialist ideas is a national socialist. If those are beliefs you hold, we’d value and appreciate your membership.
~Dallas (ANSU co-mod)

You know it’s a wild world when the Nazis accept the Jews. But yeah, I’m still pretty peeved for what they did to my family back in Austria, so I modified their logo a tad.


  1. Bravo for revealing incoherence by discourse as opposed to stomping, whining, and censorship, but is their original logo not one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen? Seriously. The ancient myth of the blond ayran… catgirl? Brilliant, parody is redundant here — they beat you to the punch.

    1. Look at hopelessfangirl‘s gallery. She’s got a bunch of chibi Hitlers and scary Nazi anime babes. The comments – mostly from uninformed passerbys – say something along the lines like “omg, so cute and hilarious.” Interesting how interpretation and truth work like that…

  2. Yeah, I think all groups of people should be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors.
    So if a black person was angry at you because it turns out somebody from your ancestrage had enslaved them, you would understand?

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