I’ll be posting the second part of my “history” soon, I promise.
But tonight was so freaking fun. It started out as the usual solitary trip to the Boardwalk, where I ended up finding the long-lost Pump It Up machine. One guy who’s often there, Alex, invited me to part from my money-wasting activity and join him in a rousing round of “Arena,” where people run around on public property and play capture the flag, and “tag” people by stabbing them with foam knives. We played a few rounds. I met a whole bunch of cool people. A lot of them play DDR, too. None of them are from UCSC, though, but that doesn’t really matter.
And then I had some rainbow ice cream from TCBY to celebrate. Whee!
So yes, a very energetic, fun night. A few more outings like this with the Arena crew and I’ll really feel as if I’ve developed a good group of friends down here. Finally!


  1. HAHA when like me and my best friend go to the boardwalk we go and take photobooth pictures without fail and we usually go with these two friends of ours who like ALWAYS go and play initial d like madd.
    thats way random but yeah yer post reminded of some good times. so i thought i would share. <3

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