Another CAR Ending

Yes, I’ve ended CAR again for a while. Please don’t think that it comes as some sort of shock. I’m leaving for vacation into the sierras next week and after that, college starts, and I’m not sure what my situation will be then. Besides, CAR is more like my journal comic than anything else, and seeing as it won’t be updated, I might as well present the content on this page in the most appropriate way.
I’m seriously going to miss everyone. This night’s been too emotionally taxing for me to write any sort of farewell or some sort of goodbye CAR strip, although I don’t really like to make it feel as if I’m moving away for good. I’ll tell you that I cried again on my way home. You’re all such awesome people.
I might show up at the mall tomorrow to hang out with 80’s and the gang. I don’t know. I’ve got packing to do and website designs to finish.
And on a final note, as a few others have already pointed out. Grace’s blog is gone. I don’t know what she’s done, but I hope she realizes that she’s seriously worried those who care about her.


  1. Hello, just thought I’d let you know that I added you. (I found you through one of the feeds.) I think your comic strips are great.
    No need to add me back if you don’t feel like it, and if you’d rather I remove you, just tell me. 🙂

  2. aww
    yur a awesome guy too jeffrey!! maybe that was evident in my rib crushing hug I gave you yesterday 😀 well,i didnt quite get to say goodbye to you yesterday,but hopefully Ill see you at the mall today.Well miss you too,but Ill just be waiting for when you come and visit. ill ttys

  3. hehe.. you’re going on WO soon!
    i just got back on thursday and it was quite exciting!
    my advice and stuff…
    -get a headlamp and extra batteries and bulbs cos they keep you up late and make you cook and clean and whatnot in the dark. it might even be nice to bring a spare flashlight for someone else to use…
    -you get to wipe your ass with rocks and sticks. so… yeah. it’s not that bad, really. and if you did bring your own tp, you’d have to pack it out.
    -the food is not bad! it’s good, even! although, actual restaurant food tastes extremely fucking wonderful when you get back.
    if there’s anything else you want to know… go ahead and ask. my aim is mnms4ever7… have lots of fun out there!

  4. Waow…
    Jeffrey.. yeah, I’m really going to miss you. I hope you come up more often than just holidays. Weekends? Pleaaase? The fact that you’re leaving makes me even more compelled to get a license and a car. I swear I will.. soon! I hope I get to see you again before you leave or something…

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