English Journal Assignment on Fear

Julie has dreams and aspirations. As a member of the cheerleading team and a coordinator of lots of local parties, she’s quite submerged into the social scene. She has a great boyfriend on the football team, a loving supporting family, and is known well by vendors at the mall.

She knows that none of this can be taken away. She knows her life is set – summers spent tanning on the beach, winters spend shopping and throwing snowballs in her knew fleece sweatshirt – but what if something goes wrong?

Every day, she wakes up trembling from nightmares. In her dreams, her life is consistently ruined. She gains ten pounds after failing to resist a pint of ice cream. Her strapless dress falls off at the prom. She maxes out her credit card. Her SUV runs out of gas on the freeway almost a mile from her house!

Julie is sure that if any of this happens to her, her life will be ruined. Of course, the thoughts of the death of a family member, the onslaught of poverty, the development of some fatal disease, or getting involved in a car crash zoom right by her – she is not scared of those things. They only happen in movies.

Which reminds her! If she doesn’t wear her new shoes to the premiere of Sweet Home Alabama, she’s ruined!

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