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Weekend was fun. Levi blogs about it better than me.

The end.

Yeah, and the next day, on Saturday, I got a Christmas tree with my dad. I was glad about how that went – the selection process was really fast, since it was raining like hell, so all the trees at the San Rafael High School tree lot were tipped over to prevent being blown away, so we just chose one and left. I helped decorate it with lights, and just a few hours later, some presents with my name on them appeared. Hooray!

Later that day, after a whole bunch of StepMania, I went off to the arcade and met JamesBryan-AdamJam. We played DDR, believe it or not.

We drove over to Drake High School, where their overly-eccentric drama teacher was putting on some sort of youth group production at their theater. I saw two short plays – one being a Greek play by Aristotle where Bryan plays a whiny, depressed freak. In a toga. I brought my digital camera and took about a million pictures of him for no reason whatsoever. If I get a server problem resolved, I’ll be able to put up a gallery of, uh, Bryan.

The next play was pretty much the same thing but with Adam, and it was a collection of short fairy-tale-fable-type thingos. He participated in a fight scene with the Mortal Kombat theme playing in the background, so you know that must have been good.

After teasing Bryan about sticking a “recorder” way too far into his mouth and after everyone tried to steal Sophie‘s sword and chop off heads with it, we trekked over to James’s house, where I basically told everyone to go to my house. Then we did.

Uh, we played more DDR, and some StepMania too. Yeah, that’s about it. And then I took a webcam picture of Bryan smacking his face up against my window. He’ll comment with the link to that picture and I’ll put it here…

Next day was spent trying to do math homework. I’ve got the shortest attention span in history.

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