Fly away on my Zephyr, bitch

My hands feel so explode right now, it almost isn’t funny.

I said “almost.”


I spent 5 hours today assembling two wooden filing cabinets from just a bunch of pre-drilled boards and screws. It reminded me of the ol’ days with K’nex and Legos, only those didn’t require tearing off the skin of both your hands with the constant rotation of a screwdriver, or introducing an early stage of arthritis.

But still, it was fun. The directions were very well written and diagrammed – I love it when I can do things exactly by what the directions tell me. I’m that sort of person. I also got paid for it, hee hee.

I also went to Drake High School for lunch today and hung out with Bryan/Sophie/Conrad/Adam. They tried to table-top me (where one kneels into child’s pose behind the victim where the other pushes the victim, making him trip), but I just stepped back into Mr. Child’s Pose, who happened to be Adam, and I just ended up kneeing him in the side. Fun times. There was also this guy Jeremiah who kept doing these Shaolin Soccer-worthy FLIPS~! and KICKS~! and THROWING GRASS~! Drake also has really great cafeteria pizza. I mean, maybe they don’t cook the dough enough, but that’s what makes it so good.

So yeah, I suggest going to Drake because just as long as the students don’t end up owning you, you may find yourself in awe by watching the G4 Cubes in the library.

I got an 800 in the practice test for Math IC, but I got a 780 in the practice test for Math IIC. Decisions, decisions. (Okay, I’m probably exaggerating since my dad helped me through most of the Math IIC practice test. If it were up to me, I’d still take Math IC for my SAT IIs.)

Look at me! I'm practicing for SATs!

I’ve gone and entered a competition for the first time in a long while. CAR is now part of Top Web Comics, and if I keep up this 5-a-week schedule, it will probably find its place on the list some day.

What can you do?

Are you a fucking moron?

Vote for CAR every single day. You know it’s funny. This’ll be a good rating of how popular the comic is – how many devotees I have. Who knows, if it becomes a big part of the readership of this site, I may meld this blog and the comic into one. For JeffreyAtW v4 or something.

But heck, I just have to see if I just don’t run out of jokes one day…

Another Happy Day in Jeffreyville

Good day at school.

The DDR pads that James got exclusively for the club in donation money did NOT break, and Brownstein even did a few songs on them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the real area where the pads break are in the plugs at the other end of the cord – that was the problem with mine. The internal wiring is so simple yet durable that it’d take a lot to damage that.

But I say “anyway.”

I went to temple today, and I was feelin’ pretty good so I sang to all the songs. And then I had WHITE CHOCOLATE BISCUITS as part of the potluck dessert. I talked to Rabbi Michael Barenbaum about Judaism without God or the Torah, as he was going to teach a class on that which I would have to miss, and then we went over the possibility of designing a website for him. And then I forgot his AIM name ARRGHRH.

Then it was off to StarBase1, where Chris treated me and some pals who stopped by to a few rousing rounds of DDR. I was still in my fancy temple clothes, so they got all sweatwet. I tried BAWLS for the first time, and all I have to say is:


Then I did the hardest 9-footers with Chris and failed them all miserably, but they were fun anyway and Chris passed them with flying colors. That man is amazing. :P

I keep forgetting that I have a 3-day weekend ahead of me. I think on Monday I’ll invite people over to James‘s house () for some DDR pad modification.

Working again, eh.

With every word,
I get even happier.
It’s how life should be.

I have written so much stuff recently. I’ve been improving on my college essay (I chose that Garfield one), I’ve been writing my mind in school through every assignment, I’ve started to write long heartfelt messages to my friends, and above that, I’m still maintaining my blog. Really, I am.

When a friend gets depressed, it gets me thinking. Like my psychology teacher would state, the feeling of pensiveness is a form of sadness, therefore my pensiveness could be seen as sympathy. But with every word I write, I become happier, because I know that it’s one more word that I’m letting go and setting free. It’s so great to be able to write about what I feel, and I can put those thoughts into any prompt I’m given – it’s getting to the point where I feel joy at the mention of an essay.


Yet again, as you can tell, even through writing this, I’m straightening more and more out. It’s because I don’t have much of an inner monologue – no matter how much I am involved in, most of my energy is spent unconsciously observing, and learning about the world around me – and through writing, I learn more about myself.

I love these sudden urges I get to write – they’re coming more and more. So bear with me, as there is no point to this which I’m writing right now. The words are just replacing what could be there if I restrained myself for too long, like “BLAH BLAH NOTHING TO SAY ARGH I’M BORED.” I keep changing what I enjoy doing – it was comics, then music, then comics, then music, and now comics, but my comics nowadays have massive potential for good writing, and I’m implenting this writing all over.

So yeah, writing is fun, and you should never stop doing it, whatever you’re preoccupied with.

And I reiterate – there is no freaking coherent point behind this blog.