Fly away on my Zephyr, bitch

My hands feel so explode right now, it almost isn’t funny.

I said “almost.”


I spent 5 hours today assembling two wooden filing cabinets from just a bunch of pre-drilled boards and screws. It reminded me of the ol’ days with K’nex and Legos, only those didn’t require tearing off the skin of both your hands with the constant rotation of a screwdriver, or introducing an early stage of arthritis.

But still, it was fun. The directions were very well written and diagrammed – I love it when I can do things exactly by what the directions tell me. I’m that sort of person. I also got paid for it, hee hee.

I also went to Drake High School for lunch today and hung out with Bryan/Sophie/Conrad/Adam. They tried to table-top me (where one kneels into child’s pose behind the victim where the other pushes the victim, making him trip), but I just stepped back into Mr. Child’s Pose, who happened to be Adam, and I just ended up kneeing him in the side. Fun times. There was also this guy Jeremiah who kept doing these Shaolin Soccer-worthy FLIPS~! and KICKS~! and THROWING GRASS~! Drake also has really great cafeteria pizza. I mean, maybe they don’t cook the dough enough, but that’s what makes it so good.

So yeah, I suggest going to Drake because just as long as the students don’t end up owning you, you may find yourself in awe by watching the G4 Cubes in the library.

I got an 800 in the practice test for Math IC, but I got a 780 in the practice test for Math IIC. Decisions, decisions. (Okay, I’m probably exaggerating since my dad helped me through most of the Math IIC practice test. If it were up to me, I’d still take Math IC for my SAT IIs.)

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