Another Happy Day in Jeffreyville

Good day at school.

The DDR pads that James got exclusively for the club in donation money did NOT break, and Brownstein even did a few songs on them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the real area where the pads break are in the plugs at the other end of the cord – that was the problem with mine. The internal wiring is so simple yet durable that it’d take a lot to damage that.

But I say “anyway.”

I went to temple today, and I was feelin’ pretty good so I sang to all the songs. And then I had WHITE CHOCOLATE BISCUITS as part of the potluck dessert. I talked to Rabbi Michael Barenbaum about Judaism without God or the Torah, as he was going to teach a class on that which I would have to miss, and then we went over the possibility of designing a website for him. And then I forgot his AIM name ARRGHRH.

Then it was off to StarBase1, where Chris treated me and some pals who stopped by to a few rousing rounds of DDR. I was still in my fancy temple clothes, so they got all sweatwet. I tried BAWLS for the first time, and all I have to say is:


Then I did the hardest 9-footers with Chris and failed them all miserably, but they were fun anyway and Chris passed them with flying colors. That man is amazing. 😛

I keep forgetting that I have a 3-day weekend ahead of me. I think on Monday I’ll invite people over to James‘s house () for some DDR pad modification.

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