A few site-related thingies…

My site can also be accessed through www.asdfghj.com. Yup, it’s my second domain name! Just run your finger down the keyboard and stop at the first letter of my name. Fun times.

Also, all you IE users can probably tell that my new site design’s up. It’s not necessarily better than the last one, but my design juices are flowing. Please voice up about anything you’d like to see changed. Just so you know, it ONLY works in IE, so if you’re using Opera, Mozilla, or Netscape, you’ll still see the old design.

I’m using Movable Type now, and all of my Blogger and Ikonboard entries have been moved over. It’s got a great commenting system, and you can use the “Trackback” feature to link to a certain entry. It just counts how many people link to it. Rather unnecessary but fun.

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