Okay, assheads. Here’s the deal. We’re making this completely insane offer that you would be rather lazy (and STUPID) to pass up. You get a tape of James, Steve, Felix and me running around Marin talking French for $3 (this includes shipping which probably costs more than that)… and when you’re done with it, you get a free videocassette to record over. I mean HELL, taking off the shipping costs, this is a completely free tape, with completely free footage.

Now why the hell WOULDN’T you want this? Tell me, please. I mean it, give me a comment with a coherent explanation. And I’m telling you, the footage is FUNNY. James is even probably going to include some MvC2 footage.

So just click the little PayPal button and lay down 3 measly dollars along with your shipping address, and you’ll recieve the tape. Just consider it a must-have for the even casual JeffreyAtW reader.

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