day with voice recognition I am writing this . It is really weird . But it is somewhat accurate . Ford pants tenth . He he . And at any way I must get back to my work because this is very time consuming but it is very fun . To
O. hack -called just this a bit more . What is stupid is that I can only do this in an internet explorer window . To I don’t know why but that’s the way it works .

Moon move move move move have how is just sighing and instead it said move .

I downloaded this with ’cause saw [email protected] course it cannot recognize the word ’cause I’m . It is the file download program similar to Orpheus . It is a feature of Microsoft plus and I think it is a bit sleazy because it was a feature mentioned to come with windows X. P. but only came with the+version . It is very I’m using though . If only I could do in my homework this way . In

My god do I have no life .

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