I totally had my butt operated on today. I’m feeling kind of tired and dizzy but I don’t think it’s from blood loss or anesthesia or anything; I think it’s just from the realization that I now have a third hole inside my pants. had a large chunk of skin removed. They shot my gluteal cleft up about 10 times, dug around, and then actually fastened a grounding strap to my arm so I wouldn’t get electrocuted when they cauterized the wound. Right now I’ve got this large pad taped to the area and I guess it’s soakin anything up.

Besides having to wash, reapply gauze for a number of days, and shave my upper butt regularly for the next few months, everything’s okay! I should be able to go into work tomorrow, and exercise as soon as next week.

Thanks for putting up with my detail! Or if you skipped past it, that’s fine too!


So the deal is, I had an appointment with Dermatology today. While they can lance and drain cysts, they can’t completely remove them. That’s for Surgery to do. So they had to reschedule it for next Wednesday. So NEXT week is when I spend a few days wallowing in a tub trying to keep everything clean and somewhat bearable. Supposedly they’re going to have to go down deep to remove the whole thing.

I didn’t go home empty-handed, though! I thought, while I’m there, they might as well remove the left half of my left big toenail, the one that’s been digging into the cuticle for over a year now. Had to stick it with a needle about 10 times, then just shove enough stuff under the nail that it ppoppppsss offf…. ghhfhfssfsnfnxvnxv I cringe thinking about this stuff. I had my hands over my eyes during the entire ordeal.

So the toe’s all bandaged up. Doesn’t hurt! And I’m keeping it that way with some Tylenol.

BTW I am totally going to the LJ Housewarming Party tomorrow. Who’s with me!


I have just landed a sweet position as web developer at Diabetes Health! Now I don’t have diabetes, but it’s pretty awesome to be working for a local magazine and helping their transition to the web. I’ll be helping with the website and a bunch of other related topics. Full time until I leave for Israel. Pays great. And yes, it’s local! It’s in Woodacre, a 20 minute drive west from San Rafael. In fact, it’s just up the street from Sophie’s folks’ house.

Heck of psyched. Feeling really lucky, too. This could have been a position that didn’t fit, didn’t pay well, was part time, had rigid start/end times, was in the city or further, etc. etc. This one’s got a casual atmosphere and friendly folks.

That said, tomorrow’s a half work day, at most, because I’m going in for surgery to remove my pilonidal cyst (ewwww… NSFW. used to not have a picture…). It’s something that just doesn’t go away, and sometimes gets enflamed. So it’s good to get it out of there. Might not be able to walk for a while!! woooo

P.S. I now weigh less than 170 lbs, the first time I have weighed so little in… at least 5 years?