Post About How I Am Enjoying Second Life

Probably has something to do with the fact that I work at Linden Lab, but I’ve begun to actually enjoy mulling about in Second Life. I’m proud of the product my company’s working on. Crazy, right?
Anyway this is mostly a vanity post to show how I’ve actually learned how to create stuff to an extent – I’ve made my avatar look marginally less shitty than it once did.
My avatar was originally created and given to me by Neil Cicierega, or , who used to make neat things a few years ago in SL. I started using it as my main set of clothes once I started at Linden Lab last year, and since then I’ve made a number of improvements, like making it shinier and glowier. I went all-out this weekend and replaced a bunch of simple primitive shapes with curvy sculpted stuff.
Behind the cut are a few before-and-after pictures I just took. Although it’s still rather unprofessional, I like to think I kept the spirit intact while updating it quite a bit:

And as a bonus, here’s a 3D buttbot which actually works, plus me and a few goons in the background.

P.S. for those of you who have seen me in-world and wonder what that swirly vortex thing is on my chest, here’s some hints: it’s animated, it’s not a simple texture, and you can’t yet make it or see it!

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