Hot dang

That was successful! I threw a goodbye party at my apartment last night. Bought about $150 worth of snacks, drinks, and pizza; set up the place for a giant helping of Brawl (and some DDR) but also other rooms for things other than Brawl (you know, like, conversation); made the apartment clean as a whistle (okay, my roommates did that part).
Everyone who I thought would come, came, and more. Doug and Zack invited their own friends as well, so it was quite the event. And I’m sort of lucky that most of Zack’s friends didn’t drink – I bought JUST enough to adequately feed and intoxicate everyone who wanted it. Fun times were had, and it will be difficult to start again in California. Hope I can find another good group of friends like the one I found here.


  1. That was an awesome party. I hope all the underage drunk kids made it alive to Sunday morning. Thank you for inviting me! It is too bad you will not be around anymore!

  2. That was fun…
    Haha, don’t look at me for the disappearing alcohol. (Yes. It took a very small amount of rum to make me like that. I am a cheap date, or, in this case, ten clones of me would make a cheap party.) I do feel I may have consumed 1/3 of the bottle of cranberry juice and an amazing quantity of salsa, however.
    Sincerely, a 19 year old who either made it home safely, or is proving the existence of computers, internet, and livejournal in Heaven/Hell.

    1. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I’m moving back. Can’t really make the decision at this point – there are a lot of other factors that determine it.
      If I don’t move back I’m certainly visiting to the max, though.

        1. That’s what I don’t know about. If I find a good job in California I’m going to stay there, and if I decide to continue grad school, that’s what I’ll do.
          I’ve heard the arguments both ways about finishing grad school or not, and I haven’t decided yet.

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