On the plus side!

I might be lonely and devoid of passion, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been fun around here!
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all packed with fun. I went to an on-campus dance to celebrate a literary magazine’s first issue, I spent good alone-time at Gameworks improving my drummania game (Right on Time Advanced omg so fun), I went to a fondue party, played a lot of Smash, went to Neighbours and danced a whole lot (yes, I went to a gay bar with my gay roommates), and met some exchange student friends of a friend and went downtown for shopping then Il Fornaio, all while getting my home/work done. Very fulfilling, and a load off my mind.
Oh and I also decided (after looking at a lot of shirtless mans at Neighbours) that I’d stop making excuses and fit going to the gym into my schedule. I have a class before lunch, then lunch, then just enough time to head to the gym for a good circuit before another class. Going to do it M-W-F. I’m psyched, and already sore.
Who needs lamentations about how un-fun my life is when I fill my life with fun things?

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