First the carpet, now my hard drive!

My ol’ 80GB hard drive is the last that remains of my original computer, built in Summer 2003. (All other components, including the case, have been upgraded.) Just a few minutes ago, when I tried booting my desktop up, it would spin up, click, repeat. Broked!!!

Fortunately it was a good sport after I released it from its mount and now it’s letting me run Vista to back everything up (although I backed up last week, so all would be pretty good anyway). So it’s working again, but I don’t trust it with my data anymore. I just bought a 500GB 3GB/s SATA drive to replace it. It’s been a great trip buddy! Best 80GB I ever owned!


Came home from class on my bus, which had to trek through foot-deep pools of water due to drains backing up.

Seems my apartment suffered a similar fate.

By this I do NOT mean the interior of my apartment was a foot deep in water, but if the drains around it hadn’t been cleared, it could have been. Fortunately the amount of water seeping in to our below-ground-floor apartment was only enough to soak the edges of our carpets in each room bordering the perimeter… on which edges most of our electronics lie. Fortunately, there was no electronic damage whatsoever. My mattress, though, which does not have a frame, did sop up a lot of moisture. Not enough to damage it, though – my fan is doing adequate drying work right now.

So we’re fortunate in a number of ways. Just inconvenienced. Our landlord ordered a carpet cleaning service, which is coming later. Low stress. Though we did have to turn all our computers (and wireless router) off just to be safe. Meh! Productivity on my laptop, Internet on my iPhone.


I need to plan a party this year. Because I want to see people who I haven’t seen in a while and I also haven’t had a birthday party at home for a while. Two years to be exact.

Days that I can have the party:

December 17 – 19
December 21 – 23
December 31 – January 3

So what do you think! Right now I’m just thinking about the date but I probably want to have the party at my Dad’s place in Marin. Or there might be a SF/Marin portion – I’ve done something like that before.

A New Year’s party is possible – done that before, too. But it might not be preferrable because I know there are other awesomer parties during the new year. But maybe I can jump on that and upstage anyone who’s planning it!!! I don’t know.

Really, I want to invite everyone I know from the Bay Area. I don’t live there anymore and it’s been a while for a lot of people. Like uh Paolo James Amelia Ryan Holland Felix Steve Simeon Jeff Arthur Sophie Bryan Hannah Lauren BRIAN and a whole bunch of other people. Anyone who’s around. Chime in if any of these dates do or don’t work for you.

Step 1 complete!