Update please

I’m working on a MASSIV post to talk about Israel, so I won’t say anything now.
But I do have a request: if any of you posted about something of note within the past 10 days, do speak up and tell me! I read my LJ friends page to keep updated so don’t feel at all bashful about telling me about / linking me to some cool stuff that might have happened. There’s just no way I’m going to go through ten days of friends pages. In my case of 200 friends, LJ simply isn’t built for that.


  1. i got me a DS, and i got final fantasy 3, elite beat agents, and after finding it used on amazon, advance wars dual strike (which was quite the find, given my quest to find it in the real world)
    i also got screwed out of a trip to honolulu! my wait-list priority wasn’t high enough, and thus i wasn’t high enough on the list to score a seat. by the time my name was at the top of the list, the plane was full. also, me going to comic-con isn’t going to happen most likely, but going to PAX in seattle is pretty much a lock.

  2. i have plans to make a website; largely composed of a vlog and some blogs.
    these plans are actually progressing.
    however, there’s nothing on the site yet, so i have nothing to show. yet.

  3. 1. My car broke down and I’m stranded in my college town, about 90 minutes from home. I can’t make work or school for the next few days but I’m pretty optimistic about it.
    2. Assassin’s Creed for Xbox 360 (and I think PS3, too) has impressed me greatly; it honestly looks like the best game ever made in a long time. You should look it up if you don’t know anything about it

  4. i just moved 1,000 miles across the country for no apparent reason. i’m currently sleeping on a floor and have nothing by my macbook, ipod, and 2 suitcases.
    enjoy your trip!!

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