Parents coming back

I’m blogging mostly because I really like this song! Totally listen to it and stuff.
Anyways, this past week has seen a great amount of chilling and relaxing. Not working too much, but still getting my first paycheck, seeing Lily off to New York, and later today seeing my parents back from France. Spent some time with Mom, helping with computer problems and the like, as well as going to the Marin County Fair later today with her.
Hannah had come back from Boston for a few days, so she, Beau, Brendan and I hit up Point Reyes for the day, stopping off at this great beach at the end of a residential street, Shell Beach. Really, really pretty. Earlier, I had an oyster omelet. Although it was tasty, it’s probably the last time I try that in a while! My digestive system just ain’t what it used to be.
I’ve been playing a lot of games in my free time. I mentioned earlier that I got the PS2 GTA trilogy for $30, and after trying GTA3 a bit, I jumped straight to San Andreas. I’m enjoying it a lot – I just got to San Fierro, which is a pretty faithful parody of San Francisco. Transamerica Pyramid, Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. I’m also slowly playing RE4 for the Wii, which I rented off GameFly. Never played RE4 before, but it’s quite fun on the Wii, and I’m sure it’s a pretty different experience from trying it on another console. And finally, I got Star Fox 64 for the Virtual Console, and I’m trying to go through every level in that.
Finally, both my dog Java, and our cat whatever-his-name-is, are warming up to me, which is nice. I guess it comes from Lily and me being the only humans in the house for two weeks, but Java’s started sleeping with me, and my cat came and sat down on my keyboard, allowing me to pet him for a bit and get cat hair everywhere.
So yep! Work, games, friends, family. Good start to the summer. In a week I ship off to Israel for 3 weeks and get to see Shiranne for two of ’em, yay.
<JeffreyAtW> aaaawtf
<JeffreyAtW> my speaker system
<JeffreyAtW> it is BUZZIN
<JeffreyAtW> this isn’t a cell phone thing
<JeffreyAtW> if it is, AT&T is sending detonation codes to it
<JeffreyAtW> ohhhh
<JeffreyAtW> it was the secret track on an M83 song hahaha


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