The last two days were pretty rad. I’ve been the dropper/picker for the past few days – driving Lily to the airport, picking up the cleaning lady, dropping Java off at the groomers, and then picking my parents up from the Airporter. Yesterday after all that jazz, I headed to the Marin County Fair to meet Mom.
Saw the usual art and other exhibits, had some surprisingly cheap fair food, then got ourselves some blanket space for two performances: the Village People, and KC and the Sunshine Band. Both were extremely awesome! The Village People played all their own favorites, while KC played the classics and what I’m pretty sure was some newer stuff, too. He’s still making records. The shows were really fantastic: a lot of dancing, lights, costume changes, and what seemed like multiple encores. Finally: fireworks over the pond.
Today was quite similar. Started packing for Israel, then got up and headed to Paolo’s in Oakland, to grill up a whole menagerie of things: pizza (failed: burnt to a crisp), italian sausage, beef franks, hamburger, turkey legs, and then another pizza (moderate success). After quite the tasty meal, Paolo and I BARTed over to Pier 39, where we saw Tainted Love, an 80’s cover band. Very rocking. Check out their setlist just to see all the stuff they played. Their encore was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The encore went right into fireworks, which is pretty cool off the north coast of San Francisco due to two identical shows going on in synchronization. Paolo and I got to an area where we could see both at once.
BARTed back, drove home, and finally noticed the familiar smell of charcoal on me. Should probably wash that off.
The next few days are just preparations for Israel! Shouldn’t be too difficult. What I did tonight was “kept” Resident Evil 4 Wii, that is, I paid for it so they would send my next game, Puzzle Quest, ASAP – I need it so I can have some airplane entertainment.

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