Went downtown

So today I turned in my final assignment at UCSC: a small 3-page paper answering two out of ten question prompts for Structure of English. I’m totally done! Now I can sell my books back, and pick up my cap and gown while I’m at it.
My toe is doing a lot better. After reading the entry on onychocryptosis, I got sort of freaked out about the possibility of gangrene and got some bacitracin ointment and band-aids. Working awesome! No more infections, no more bleeding/pussing into my socks. Sure, there’s still the occasional jolt of excruciating pain whenever I touch the front of my toe to anything, like my sock for example, but it’s definitely getting better.
Today I went downtown for lack of anything better to do, and tried ridding of my remaining pile of Boardwalk tokens. Played two games of ITG, and surprisingly, it wasn’t a world of pain. My toe can stand it. But now that the Boardwalk’s open 7 days a week, parking there is expensive, so I didn’t stay long. I bought a replacement audio cable for connecting my Wii to my speaker system, got a matcha green tea Jamba Juice, and contemplated buying a new bathing suit (and decided against it when I couldn’t find anything under 50 freaking dollars).
Summer has started, huway huway. I realized that Father’s Day is on Sunday, which is really funny, because I also realized that I’m driving to Marin on Saturday night, but my parents are staying at a hotel in Santa Cruz that night. So while I’ll be back in Marin, my parents will be here… odd.
Oh BTW, Safari doesn’t work on this installation of Vista, but I just got it to work on my laptop. Very, very spiffy! Elegant, peppy, and full of all the pretty features in Mac OS X, like Spotlight, Aqua, smooth text, and fold-down alert messages. A definite step above the iTunes port.
Ah yeah and finally I am working to redo my portfolio. It’ll actually look and function identically to the way it does now, but I’m recoding it in ActionScript 3.0.
edit: Really finally probably this time: I hear there’s mad fun going on somewhere downtown tonight and contrary to popular believe I like fun. Somebody alert me on the location of fun.


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