This weekend

Went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly Six Flags Marine World (formerly Marine World Africa USA)) yesterday with my mom and sister. It was really good times. I like the fact that as a 20-something, I can still enjoy theme parks pretty much to the fullest, unironically for the most part. My mom lives just two exits away from the park, so she likes to find discount coupons and take us there.
The place has some great animal shows, with dolphins and a killer whale. Elephants, camels, lions and tigers (no bears) too. Also has a climate-controlled greenhouse full of butterflies. And since Six Flags bought the place, they built a bunch of roller coasters which are actually pretty awesome. The biggest one is called the Medusa, which they claim to be the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in California. Lily and I were fortunate enough this time and the last time we went to go to the park on a really not-so-crowded day, so the lines for the rides were quite short. In addition, the place has a little room where you can try out the Wii – it makes sense, being aimed for the family market and all.
Some pictures (as well as some graduation pictures) here, thanks Mom:
I’m expecting this week to be pretty chill. I might get a little bit of work from the IT firm that’s hired me, but I don’t expect much. Don’t mind, though. Last week I bought the PS2 GTA trilogy, and I’m going through San Andreas. In addition, GameFly sent me Resident Evil 4 for Wii. Also I got my keyboard from Mom’s and plugged it into my system so I might practice some piano. Might also try creating something if I feel like it.
From a Sims perspective, all my meters are pretty high right now… except for the social one, I think. No one in the Bay Area seems too available. But you know me, I’m a’ight.
edit and oh geez the reason I felt like blogging in the first place was because I made an AWESOME dinner: steamed cod fillet rolls stuffed with asparagus, carrot, red onion, and a tarragon butter spread. It’s what I’m eating all of tomorrow. If anyone is interested in a free lunch or dinner, though, then you know where to go!


    1. Zowie! That is pretty neat but also too bad we didn’t run into each other (although that would have been a whole lot more coincidental given the amount of people there)

      1. i know! it would have been neat to see you. i did see batman though, and those people on stilts! and yeah, there were a lot of ppl there, but not like horrific amounts, i don’t think i had to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes to get on any rides.

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