Employment and home videos

Got done working a lot on a client’s site. I’ll probably be given a bit more work, but the entirety of it is done! That leaves me with two more weeks of not much to do… I guess I should take up a few more very short gigs.
But for the time after I get back from Israel – all of August and half of September – I should find something bigger. Maybe I’ll see if Trader Joe’s is hiring for the night shift again; I worked there a few years ago. Not sure what else. If anyone feels like hiring me to do stuff for a month and a half…!
I also have to think about employment once I get to Seattle. I won’t be a full-time student… well, at least, not during Autumn Quarter, so I should probably do something or other during that time. One source of income for the time being will be the sale of my car. Yeah, I’m selling my Acura Integra at the end of the summer, probably after I drive it up to Seattle with all of my stuff. I won’t be able to afford a car – parking, insurance, registration, gas, etc. etc. are all just too much. So I might as well take a load off and auction it off to some lucky person in Seattle, and get a new one when the time is right.
In other news, Lily was looking through the family room drawers today and came across all our old VHSs. She popped one in and watched her, at 1 year old, just flop around a bit. Then I put one in that was taken between October 1985 and February 1986 (I was born December 26, 1985).
It was pretty surreal to see my mom and my dad together, talking to their newly-bought camera, taking a trip to Yosemite, practicing Lamaze, taping my mom at the hospital, and then showing me right after the fact. (Dad delivered me himself, so he wasn’t filming the actual birth.) Then came my first hiccups, my first bath, and my bris, wherein my foreskin was chopped off in the midst of friends and family. Oy vey.
About that scene – it was pretty amazing. Friends we still talk to today were there – the Grants, the Simons – including Sarah, a friend of mine who was born one day before me. We’re not in touch too much anymore, although her younger sister just finished her first year at UCSC. I was given my Jewish name – Shalom ben Yoel v’Malka (Shalom (Peace) of Yoel (Dad’s Jewish name) and Malka (Mom’s Jewish name)) – and shortly afterwards some dude took a whole bunch of sharp metal things and did the deed. I was fixated on the TV while this was happening, but fortunately someone’s arm was in front of my nether regions, so I didn’t have to see blood spurting out of my infant genitalia.
After that scene there was my first “aerobics” lesson with my mom and aunt, and then a walk through the Presidio with my late Grandma Helen. The video ended with a little “goodbye” from my parents, saying they were sending copies to all my relatives, and they greeted me in the future. So hello back, parents of the past!


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