A gewd dey.

So to start the day off I drove over to Oakland. Not much traffic on the maze at around 11AM, so that’s nice. Headed over to pick up Paolo and drove to a Muay Thai place downtown. I paid $10 for a trial run before noticing that uh, hey, Muay Thai is kickboxing, and my feet are in no freaking condition for physical activity, let along KICKING things. Soooo… bad idea.
But it was fun anyway! A trainer taught me some nice punches and kicks, and although I had to rebandage my foot afterwards, I had a good time.
Afterwards Paolo and I grabbed an eat to bite and headed back to his place to watch Maury and burn some Good Eats episodes.
And I actually got some work! An owner of an IT company needed his site updated so I just spent a few hours messing around with Flash and sprucing up some HTML to get the page to production quality. That’ll feed me for a few days, and it’s proof that Craigslist kind of almost sometimes works!
Parents are out of town, so it’s up to me and Lily to walk the dog… which I should do now. Then I will come back and eat some fried chicken strips I made yesterday with expensive olive oil.

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