JeffreyAtW Vlog 3


    1. They’re very energetic and exciting, despite not actually doing anything physical. The characters are very funny, the cases are interesting, and the writing is awesome. I’d definitely go for the first one, though – it’s long, easier, and has an extra case which was made specifically for the DS, so it has cool features like 3D, mic usage, and parts requiring the touch screen.

  1. the Sonic Wii game is a good one?
    i saw it in the store and was like “should i pay $50 for that?”. basically for the same reason you said, i didn’t think it would be any good.
    … i guess i’ll buy it next time i’ve got extra time.

    1. I finished the main plot in about 9 hours of play time, but there’s still a fair amount to do. I’m expecting close to 25 hours until I’ve completed everything possible.

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