I swear I didn’t have anything to do with any of these.
Oh ucsc_chatter you’re such a kidder!

20 thoughts on “MASTURBATION”

            You, or someone posting as you, made an entry regarding Hanukkah expressing surprise that people still care about it. That entry was deleted before I could press the “reply” button, indicating that I must have refreshed my friends page at exactly the right time. I know it was you because it had the Dinosaur Comics “Gasp!” icon.
            Or maybe I am just completely insane.

            1. Ohhh yeah actually I did post that but I decided to remove it because I changed my mind really quickly. I thought about how much people (and I) care about Christmas and other things anymore and I was like eh… it’s really just my age.

      1. you know, because my parents are crazy iwth their spellings, israelis keep stupidly writing my name in english shiran. they like, won’t even ask how i spell it in english, they’ll just assume that’s how i write it and be very confused when i’m like “um… that’s wrong…”
        and don’t get me started on rajinski

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