I have arrived!

Here I am in Chicago! That sure was a long day but I’m glad it’s over!
…Note how I did not say I am here in New York; rather, I said I am in Chicago. Ayup, there WAS a delay (see my prediction!), a two-and-a-half hour delay from LA to AZ, so when I arrived in Chicago my final flight had long since left.
Fortunately, the friendly ATA crew hooked me up with a “distress discount” at a local Holiday Inn, so here I am now. This is actually a really nice turn of events. Had a nice dinner instead of more peanuts, my flight’s been rescheduled to a nice 10AM, and I get Internet! Wowee!
Anyway, enough of my personal life. Here is some food I made yesterday.

Latkes! Or “potatoe pankakke” for you Amuricans. This was a professional recipe, meaning I got it straight from a chef, and not from Internet. It turned out awesomedome and everyone ate them all up. I grated up a little bit of carrot as well as onion in there too.
Anyway I’ll see all y’alls in New York tomorrow.


  1. Awww man! I totally wish I’d have found out you were in Chicago sooner! I’d have dropped by to say hi!! =)
    Enjoy the wonderful weather here in the Midwest! 😀

  2. The other day we made latkes with a recipe that had eggs in it. I’d never made latkes by me lonesome before, but it struck me as weird. It made them kind of like patties more than like giant hash-browns.

  3. Wow, that’s a curious turn of events. I don’t think I’ve ever heard (er… read?) a happy flight delay story. Congrats! Chicago is delightful.
    Those look like some lovely latkes. Yay for honest recipes!

    1. Well I mean it’s not the happiest story. I was in a suburb of Chicago, and I still had to pay for the night in TWO hotels – the one I was supposed to be sleeping in in NYC as well. The good part was that I could pay for all of it. So I guess that’s why it was happy!

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