Pass/no pass!

Well it turns out that I’m taking Psych and Religion for no reason whatsoever besides learning about Psych and Religion, and mostly what this class has taught me is that I pretty much know enough about Psych and Religion to not have to take a class on it. I thought it would fulfill a general ed requirement, but I misread, or something.
And what’s funny about this is that for my two required classes, Phonology and Orchestration, I decided to take a pass/no pass grade. So I can do as crappy as I want in those two classes, but for the class that doesn’t mean anything I must get an A. How bogus!


    1. Well it is sort of my fault that I “wasted” my money.
      Then again the class is sort of fun and I don’t have TOO much else I could be doing…
      …except for all those classes my advisor said I should take if I can even be considered for a grad program unrelated to my major. :\

      1. For four hundred bucks you could get your diploma off the Internet.
        For a free library card, you can get almost the same education.
        For a couple thousand, at most, you can get a personal tutor to fill in any gaps.

  1. good thing you have me to love-bite you during class so you don’t get too bored and apathetic. also, at least you get some exercise when we get up and dance 😉 good luck on your paper tonight

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