I have completed Final Fantasy XII, just three days before it is released and I can pick up my actual copy! What a fun thing. Now my life force can return and all will be well with the world.
…until I wake up, when I will start playing Okami.

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My play time was 61 hours including the ending.
The sidequests in the game mostly consist of hunting marked enemies and battling espers – I hunted a little over half of the marked enemies and I only got one extra esper because I just ran across it.
You can teleport between save points in the game, and I didn’t use that feature until the very end – so I spent most of my time walking through the world, while gaining loot, some EXP, and a lot of LP (like AP).
I might have had to play longer if Square didn’t make the stupid decision of including a shop where you can buy a moderately priced item for each character that doubles their EXP…

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