Sellin some gaimz

I’m selling two DS games since I’ve pretty much done all there is to do with ’em.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – $20, box and manuals included.
Sonic Rush – $15, box included.
Add shipping costs if you’re not local. Should only be a few extra bucks. Buy ’em at this price before I sell ’em on eBay for more!


    I mean… yeah, I’ll buy Phoenix Wright off of you!
    How do you want to handle ze payment? Check? Money order? (don’t say paypal, you bastard, tis a tool of Satan)

    1. Re: OBJECTION!
      If you don’t want to do PayPal, a check is fine. Packaging and shipping usually adds up to $5. How’s $25 total?
      Jeffrey Faden
      301 Heller Drive
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064
      Send with a return address and I’ll ship it out to you.

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