I’ve been packing one box at a time this week, gradually moving my stuff out of my house to take to Santa Cruz. I’m driving down and moving in tomorrow, with help from my mom.
I’ve got a roommate this year, so I’m trying to take less stuff – but I don’t know how successful that endeavor is. What I’m not bringing so far is, uh… my box of anime VHS’s, a few shirts I won’t wear, my sandals that give me horrible rashes… umm… my king-sized mattress… I AM bringing my full-size keyboard…
Well anyway I’m sure it’ll all fit into my side of the room. I’m looking forward to this year. Anything’s better than what I’ve done this summer (nothing) – well, besides the pay (definitely something).
And of course, today’s my last day at Autodesk! My boss treated my team to free lunch in my honor (why did it have to be Mexican! Why!) I’ll be returning this laptop and my bag and my badge soon. How emotional!


  1. I did most of my packing at the beginning of the summer. That may sound strange but really it was “this is the crap I remember not using last year. I will get rid of it now and then later when I actually pack most of the boxes will be half-empty and I can remove those boxes.”
    So I went through everything again today, and I’ll still have to take down the computer, but otherwise I’m pretty well set.

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