Oh god oh god

Geez I hope someone else bids on my car before the auction ends. The current high bidder is a guy who talks in all caps and argued with people from whom he received negative feedback. Also the car’s only at $920. 😐
I’m sure someone else will bid by the time it’s over but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to deal with this guy. He seems to think he can just come, pick up the car, and leave, as if I don’t have to print out all these DMV forms and get it smog tested and all of this other crap.


    1. Re: funny thing
      I read that over a few times and said I don’t care because this is eBay where most people are illiterate.
      I guess “there are barely no dust or stains” is correct but that also sounds weird.

        1. Re: funny thing
          that sounds funny too, and i am going to blame the word “dust”
          there is barely any dust
          there are barely any stains
          maybe there is hardly any dust or stains…

  1. I think the smog is usually the buyers responsibility, you are just selling the title, so he may not be that incorrect in assuming he would just walk u and buy the car

    1. Nope, the California DMV website says that a smog check within 90 days of sale is the responsibility of the seller.
      Anyway I got that done this morning so it might be true that I just have to have him sign this form I got from the site and go to the DMV and pay fees.

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