I’ll be asking about this something like once a month, but after this post I’m going to reserve a room.

Who would like to room with me during Fanime? I am going to reserve a room in either the Hilton or the Marriott (they’re both connected to the convention center), and it will cost $100 to $110 per night (depending on whether I get a double or triple) for three probably two, maybe three nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), but of course I’m fitting a whole lot more people into it.

So far I think it’s just Sophie and me. If it was just us it’d be something like $150 each and that’d suck. At this point, who else is interested?

Blag, job interview

Just got off the phone with an iD tech camp representative for my interview. I think things went pretty well – I was asked the usual questions, like “what would you do if one of your fellow counselors did such and such” or “explain a time when you had to lead in such and such” and I’m sure I gave good answers, but I don’t know if they were specific enough. And I stuttered a bit and used a bunch of run-ons. But I’m sure that’s to be expected.

So chances are I’ll be working on-campus over the summer, but not for the school! iD has sessions at Oakes College and the ARCenter.

In addition, there’s a training day in Berkeley on May 21st, which means I’ll be driving up to the Bay Area two weeks in the row… week of the 21st for that, then the week of the 28th for Fanime.

Which reminds me, I should probably get hotel reservations set up for Fanime…


Does anyone else find it horrifyingly scary whenever one of your techno-devices does something you’ve never seen it do before? Like, it displays some sort of new icon, or the font changes on you, or it starts making some new beeping noise late at night and you have no idea what it’s supposed to mean?

I think humans might have some instinctual fear of being stealthily conquered by robot overlords because I totally freak out when I see things going wonky like that.

I had this Atari 800 when I was really young and we had this Sesame Street video game for it. We put the Atari 800 in my closet just because we weren’t using that space. Well I had this dream that the Atari 800 would turn on and there would be Ernie’s face flashing on the screen with some sort of low “boo-BOOOOOOP” chiptune noise playing over and over and it scared the hell out of me.

And today when my cell phone ran out of batteries I tried starting it up, and it played the “on” jingle, and half-way through it started playing the “off” jingle, with “RECHARGE BATTERY” on it. Nowhere as frightening as a pixelated Ernie staring at you in the middle of the night, but still like “oh man I’ve never seen that before that’s scary.”

Tell me about your scary gadgets!

Also, here is my laptop’s desktop background to fit the occasion


Time to get my good ol’ GBA from home.

New portfolio!

Portfolio 2006

This took about a week to put together and program. It has an embedded audio player, lots of neat animations, picture randomization, and of course all of the stuff I’ve done in the past few years. I actually got rid of some stuff that was in my old portfolio because they were sort of… unprofessional. Take a look through my stuff! Also, tell me if you find anything broken or unreadable or something like that. Thanks.