I’m back home! And my cat is silly.

My cat really wanted to go outside but it is raining right?

So we caved in and let him experience the rain for himself. He went out one door and instantly appeared at the door of the next room, scratching at the window and wanting to come inside.

So then he runs to the other side of the house and meows about going out THAT door, as if it’s only raining on one side of the house.

Wah wah wahhhhhhhh

edit: he bit me >:[

Bubububu going home

Oh hello, tomorrow I will be going home (cripes I forgot to tell Mom. Hey Mom I am probably going to your house tomorrow, whoops)! Does anyone need a ride tomorrow afternoon to the Bay’s Area, also, who is going to the BA and who is staying in the SC? Inquiring mind wants to know.

Newer plans

I might be getting my hopes up again, but it seems as if I might have landed a full-time internship position at Autodesk over the summer. So that means I’d be working in San Rafael!

Unfortunately contrary to what my dad told me before about being able to live at his place if I get a nearby full-time job, my stepmom says otherwise. So I might need to find a place to live or some people with whom to live over the summer. And even if I actually can stay at their house it might be nice to find somewhere else to stay anyway.

Is “Unit 11” in Novato still around guys? Or any other people I know in Fairfax or SR that welcome new roommates? Dunno, just wondering for now. Everything’s still in planning stages.